Artificial Leather & Rexin

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Artificial PVC Leather and Rexin:

We produce innovative and decorative surface materials from a wide variety of synthetics for Footwear and Bag, Furniture and Home decor application. As we go about our work we focus on the demands of our customers and on the desires of consumers. We seek out new trends that allow us to develop high quality, contemporary materials.

Our PVC leather and rexin characteristics are:

  • Anti-scratch
  • Soft and comfort
  • Water-proof
  • Elastic material
  • Fungus resistant

Available in 3 kinds are:

1. Leather for Furniture:

Keeping update of fashion trends, market conditions and love to innovate- keep our ranges always up to date and appealing.

2. Rexin (Home based):

Our materials have made a dominant feature for home based solution that usually rexin customer seek.

3. Leather for Footwear and Bag:

We produce high quality PVC materials that give feel, look and properties similar to real leather. Innovation and flexibility with the commitment to provide customers are our best key factors for extending our market.