PVC floor mat


Laurel PVC floor mat:

We provide PVC (polyvinyl chloride) floor mats for household, commercial & industrial establishments. Apart from our ready range, we can offer customized products also to meet specific needs (If it’s bulk order). It can be used for floors in different household environments and also suitable for high traffic environments like public spaces, office, retail shop etc.

Our PVC floor mat characteristics are:

  • Long lasting
  • Versatile and attractive designs
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • UV protected against sun light

Available in 4 kinds are:

1. Tiles Alternative:

We are offering luxurious and innovative designs for creating eye-catching spaces in customer mind which most likely uses as alternative of tiles.

2. Office Decoration:

Our PVC floor mat Combines durability and quality for a stylish and creative office spaces which create more corporate outlook in visitors mind.

3. Residential Usages:

Ensuring a wide choice of texture and designs for a sophisticated & luxury look in your residence are our commitments

4. Outdoor Usages:

We are always trying to make a safe and durable option for your outdoor needs with environmental care