About RFL Door

In 2007, Banga Building Material Ltd. (BBML), a sister concern of RFL, started manufacturing and marketing of RFL uPVC Door and uPVC Sheet. RFL uPVC Door is a high-tech, synthetic product that is used worldwide as a replacement of wooden doors. RFL doors are durable, water-resistant, affordable and strong and are made in various colors and sizes to cater customer demand. RFL uPVC Sheet is a durable and water-resistant building material which is being used worldwide as a superior alternative of particle board, plain board, and melamine board and wood for making furniture, kitchen cabinet, false ceiling etc. The competitive advantages of using sheets are easy to fit and bend, no need for burnish or paint, less weight, competitive pricing along with durability and water resistance. RFL is now producing uPVC sheet of varying sizes, width and color for use in different types of building needs.

Its product line consists of:

 uPVC Doors

- Cosmic window
- uPVC Sheet
- Ceiling
- uPVCAlmirah
- Cosmic magic Bench
- Floor mat
- Fence
- Glass
- Decorative Panel etc.

Our Mission and Vision.

To generate employment and earn dignitiy and self respect for aour compatriots through profitable enterprises

Since 2006, Banga Building Materials LTD. is expanding its business root in the door industry of Bangladesh. It has been introduced as one of the fastest growing door producing house. With current capacity it is successful to fulfill customer’s demand. In the door industry it has been renowned for its design and availability in the mass market. The vision of this company is to deliver quality doors in the market at economy price.Innovation, unique design, new product line and advanced technology are the core strengths for this business.